Get the real deal with anti-counterfeit

Security features and anti-counterfeit technology give customers the power to check the integrity of every automotive and industrial engine part.

Peace-of-mind protection

The authenticity of all our parts is secured with labels featuring PrioSpot® - state-of-the-art technology and the most secure anti-fraud system on the market.

Check if the part is genuine in three steps:
  1. Make sure the packaging is closed and the label is intact
    A special label design means any attempt to remove or swap the label will result in tearing
  2. Verify the unique alphanumeric code and data matrix code
    The alphanumeric code can be typed into our unique code checker​. Additionally, the data matrix code is readable with a 2-D scanner or via the TecCom App (iPhone or Android) the NeoReader (iPhone or Android​).
  3. Verify the unique security code on the PrioSpot® label
    Our PrioSpot® label features the Federal-Mogul logo, which shimmers in rainbow colours – only in direct light. Digits also become visible, which repeat the last four digits of the alphanumeric code. 
  • Different code on each packaging
  • Code contains the last 4 digits of the alphanumeric code
  • The code and the Federal-Mogul logo shimmer in rainbow colours only in direct light
  • Only in direct light a digit, repeating the last digit of the security code, is visible. The digit will move up and down when you change the angle of the PrioSpot®


Click on link below to verify if your F-M parts are original