Stop everything with Wagner® brakes

When it comes to brakes, it’s all about stopping power. Wagner® brake pads and shoes tick all the boxes with minimal stopping distance, durability and value for money

Keeping drivers safe. Full stop.

Wagner is a US braking success story that was introduced to Europe by Federal-Mogul. The brake pads, discs and shoes use platform-specific friction materials to keep drivers safe in cars and light-medium commercial applications. With over 170 products covering 78% of the European market, each convenient solution brings:

  • MORE stopping power.
  • PRECISE and tailored friction materials. 
  • CONSISTENT pedal feel and low brake noise.
  • DURABILITY through low wear and longer life.

Friction specialism included as standard

Backed by pioneering R&D and partnership with original equipment (OE) manufacturers, the Wagner name brings all the latest technical innovations. Advanced benefits such as low brake noise and excellent brake fade recovery ensure a better experience for the driver – all delivered at great value for money.

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