Safeguard your business with Abex® braking

​With reliable and long lasting brake pads for almost every type of commercial vehicle, Abex® is the safe choice for business.

Safe braking for commercial vehicles

Abex brake pads are effective and durable, cutting downtime and saving your business money. Every set of brake pads is specially designed for each vehicle’s braking system to bring the benefits of:

  • PERFORMANCE: optimising the entire braking system
  • SAFETY: achieving superior stopping power
  • FAST-ACTION: minimising the bedding-in period
  • ECONOMY: reducing wear and extending lifetime

Innovative features enhance performance

A host of innovations mean Abex brake pads set high standards and exceed the demands of quality-conscious drivers, engineers and business managers. These advanced features include indented spigots, meshed back plates, moulded V-grooves, thermal under-layers and cast iron back-plates.

Every Abex brake pad comes complete with all the necessary accessories for installation

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